"Coach Moseley and his Mavericks basketball club have helped our son noticebly improve his game and his court knowledge over the last three years. I have no doubt that the Mavericks training and experience was the catalyst that helped our son make and be a key contributor to his freshman team in high school. Dave has also helped our son's athleticism and conditioning, which has aided him in other sports too. Best of all, the Mavericks have a friendly and collegial culture and the kids really like playing for Dave. While he puhes the kids, he also makes it fun for them."

Debby B. - Atherton, CA (Mother of 9th Grader) 1-15-11

"The progress my son has made with Coach Moseley in just one year has been phenomenal. My son would not have made the St Francis freshman basketball team without that kind of coaching. I have no doubt that if he has any chance for a four-year basketball career at one of the strongest high school basketball programs in Northern California, it will be because of Coach Moseley."

Laurent D. - San Carlos, CA (Parent of 9th Grader) 1-27-11

"Mavericks basketball is AAU club hoops at its finest. My son has played for two years with the club and has become a very competitive point guard. Coaches Mose and Mal are legit D1 players with solid resumes to back up what they preach. They are extremely professional, very tough, and highly dedicated - they bring out the best in each player - players who will be the next wave of high school stars! And from a parents perspective the communication from team manager is awesome - no guessing what's coming next - you will be informed!"

Chris M. - South San Francisco, CA (Parent of WCAL Freshman) 1-28-11

"We are big fans of Coach Moseley and his Maverick's Basketball Club. Dave and Mal teach excellent fundamental basketball, with emphasis on high energy and conditioning. These coaches have the unique ability to teach / relate their exceptional basketball knowledge and skills to the kids in a challenging, rewarding, and fun environment. As parents, it is important that our son learns to play the game, but it is equally important that he learns to play the game the "right way." For that reason, we truly appreciate the club's emphasis on respect for the game, and respect for the coaches, officials, and players. This is a great Basketball Club, and we are proud to be a part of it!!"

Brian and Sachi I. - Atherton, CA (Parents of 9th Grader, Inaugural Members) 01-28-11

"I can honestly say that the Mavericks' organization has provided the best club sport experience that either of my children have been involved in over the past eight years. The combination of an amazing training facility, extraordinary high level coaching, and superb management all contribute to create this fantastic program. Dave Mosely's ability to connect with the players on a personal level while instilling a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the game is second to none. My son's confidence and skills have improved exponentially since working with Dave and we are extremely grateful that we found the Mavericks."

Lisa D. - San Carlos, CA (Mother of 9th Grader) 1-30-11

"My son played on the Mavericks 8th grade team, where Coach Moseley's constant encouragement helped him gain confidence in his game and broaden his skills. Coach Moseley brought the whole team together, giving my son the experience of what is like to play on a real team. Through Coach Moseley's teaching, my son developed the skill, dedication, and confidence to try out for - and make it on - his high school team."

Marian G. - Menlo Park, CA (Parent of 9th Grader) 1-31-11

"Coach David Moseley possesses the necessary knowledge, enthusiasm, love, and even gadgets of the game to help players of all ages and skill levels advance and become better players. Every workout and practice he seems to have a new move, drill, or toy for players to add to their constantly evolving and developing game. Players ranging from grade school to over seas professionals agree that Coach Moseley has the rare ability to push players to their limits and beyond helping them become a complete basketball player."

Keaton Carano - Woodside, CA (Freshman Foothill College) 1-31-11